Solar eclipse 2019

Solar Eclipse Solar eclipse It's 11:59 Am Thursday 26 Dec 2019 Solar eclipse Today was the last solar eclipse of the year. Whole world is seeing this. It's a beautiful natural view. When the sun, moon and Earth travels on the same path then solar eclipse occur. We should never see this with naked eye. it's uv Ray's can damage our eyes. So we should always see this with a special sun glass. When does solar eclipse occur? Solar eclipse does occur in the end of the year. In 2019 it occurs in 26 December. And if you want to know more details then click the link video solar eclipse When does lunar eclipse occur? Lunar eclipse is also called blood moon. When the sun, earth and moon travels on the same path. Then sun eclipse occur. Lunar eclipse occur in mid of the year. We should also never see this with a naked eyes. It's rays can damage our eyes. So we should always use to glass or telescope. Some myth of solar eclipse. Do not cook in solar e

Christmas Plan- 2019

Christmas Plan- 2019 merry christmas It's 12:13 Tuesday 24 Dec I'm sitting on my yard and wether is better than yesterday the winds are blowing slowly,sun is shining. Hello good morning everyone welcome back to my blog. Wish you and your family a very very happy Christmas . Christmas is one step, and whole world is ready for to celebrate it. But we celebrate every year and what's your new plan for Christmas is it same like previous years or different . Some of my friends went to New York to celebrate it, and some are want to celebrate it with family. I don't have a new plan but anyone can suggest me.  I think this year will be same like previous year and 2020 will be my different. How to celebrate Christmas? Everyone thinks how to celebrate it differently, but due to not enough money they cannot convince well. So forget it who you are? Where you are? There is no money necessary to celebrate like a king. If your heart is holy then you know how to

Why municipal corporation of India workers do not use masks and hand gloves

It's 1:24PM Monday December 23 I'm sitting on my yard, wether is cold, the sun is hiding behind the clouds. In morning I was listening kailash kher song o sikander o sikander. Today I'm trying to write article without heading. it's a very difficult to write article without heading, why I'm trying this? Actually yesterday was my worst day, whole night not slept. Hello good afternoon everyone my lovely friends welcome back to my blog. Today I have a some opinions about the Bharat Nagar Nigam workers. How many peoples have noticed that workers of Bharat Nagar Nigam (municipal corporation of India) do not use masks and hand gloves? Suddenly not but I have noticed it, they do not use masks and gloves. Government provide everything but the people who are working under municipal corporation, those people are not well read. The women who sweeps roads they use only a jacket. Which are provided by the municipal corporation . Why municipal corporation is provi

Why I decided to live a real life

Why I decided to live a real life Its a coincidence both of us our name is Amit. I'm  in right side  It's 11:12 Am in the morning And I'm sitting on my yard. Sun is shining and slowly- slowly the winds are blowing. I'm feeling so good. Hello Good morning everyone and welcome back to my blog my lovely friends. Actually I'm one step near to complete 200 articles in my blog. In the past days I'm not confirm to start a lifestyle blog in my website but yesterday I'm decide to add a lifestyle category in my site. Why I decided to add a lifestyle category in my blog? I'm a professional blogger and my audience are everywhere in the world but here I'm mentioned some countries name where my audience are available. Germany Mexico Singapore India France Russia Greece United kingdom United States Israel These are the countries where my regular audience available. And in other countries also my audience but I can't explain in w

Why I'm losing my audience

Why I'm losing my audience? Why I'm losing my audience Hello welcome back my lovely friends. Today's topic is so important for blogger's because I'm personally experienced about it and after sharing this article with my lovely friend's. In 2019-20 many peoples blogging in different- different categories or topic but you should first before start blogging choose a perfect topic in which topic do you want to do blog. As a professional blogger I'm spend 1year 6 months in blogging carrer as a result I wasn't a fast learner so sometimes I lost my some audience reason is very simple I was did mistake to understand my audience demand. In a digital world if you did mistake to understand audience demand then you can lose your audience at any time. Here are the some point which can increase your site views. Before start a blog choose a comfortable category and ask with myself are you ready for that. Money is in every category but you should know h

best Motivational quotes

Today you are leaving your dreams for money then tomorrow you can't find Happiness in your dictionary. Author-Amit Rockz World best Motivational quotes

Best Inspirational quotes

शुरुआत चाहें जैसा भी हो, लेकिन इतिहास बनाने तक बिल्कुल भी मत रूकिए। It doesn't matter how it was started But don't stop till the history Has been created,, Author-Amit Rockz Inspirational quotes