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Sad quotes about Life

 There is no chance of miracle,  Just I have to do more hardwork It's A only solution _By Amit Kumar Raaj Price - 300$  Limited edition ID - 7  Delivery time - 14 days  Delivery - All over the world Story Behind   A yesterday before the success of Amazon in the world, A man just like Amazon started his company of online publishing and book store in india.  Digital india will came in power in 2030, might be, but American was living digital power in 2000.  The man who started his company in India was just like Amazon, online publishing, journal, article and books.  But his company never came in power, because of late indian digital power.  He tried to reach and make his company global but in business, own country is backbone of any business. Anything is dependent on the biosphere.  He tried to reach out every Indians, to endure power of knowledge, a knowledge of online world, but his country never supported him.  Main reason was the Indian's don't have proper knowledge in dig

Million dollar Art with story

'' Richness is just a game You must know How to play,, _ by Amit Kumar Raaj Life Art Price - 300S$ Email - Delivery time - 14 days All over world Delivery Limited edition ID - 6 Available in Art Gallery Singapore, India, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Russia, America and London  Order Now just email - Story Behind  A family in Australia was so poor, they had two times food getting in very difficulty. One day farmer's wife suffering from fever. The farmers brought his wife city hospital for treatment. And the doctor said the farmer, she has to do some tests after the report i will prescribe the medicine.  Farmer and his wife went for tests in pathology lab, there she has tests and she has tested of different diseases. Malaria typhoid, dengue and the finally lab scientist got the result, she has dengue fever.  After taken the lab report farmer and his wife went doctor office to show report and the doctor prescribe them medicin

Inspirational quotes about Life

 Happiness is when... When you realise that... Real enjoyment in... Struggle... Not in destination... It means you know... That... You are in right path... Just... Loud laugh... Written by - Amit Kumar  Price - 200$ Delivery in 14 days Limited edition ID - 5 Delivery all over world Latest Art in our Singapore Gallery About Art  Art is a precious thing which says millions of words in a single frame. It has deep meaning, it has a capability to stree free a person without medicine. Take your time and just say hi.  Thank you

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 I tried everything N I lost everything But I still have hope  _By Amit Kumar Raaj Price - 1000/- Buy Now  E-mail for Buy - Limited edition Art Limited edition ID -2

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 Remember I will be  Back  _ Amit Kumar Raaj  Price - 1000/-  Email for Buy - Buy Now Limited edition Art  Limited edition ID - 1

Sad Quotes About Life

जितना जायदा उम्मीद करोगे  उतने जायदे रिश्ते टूटेंगे।  Expect As Much As You Can The More You Are Going To Break The Relationship. Author- Amit Rockz Sad Quotes About Life Price -1000/- Buy Now Email ID - Limited edition Art Limited edition ID -3