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Navratna Ayurvedic Cool Oil

 Navratna Ayurvedic Cool Oil | Unique combination of 9 Ayurvedic Herbs | Relieves Headache , Body Ache , Tiredness , Sleepness and Tension | Improve Scalp Health | Relaxing and Rejuvenating Cooling Effect | 600 ml | 5 Packs  Price - 60.5 SGD / 5 Packs  Product Details  Hair Type .: Normal  Country of origin.: India Experience the power of the world's No. 1 Cool oil and discover a refreshing and revitalizing solution that has stood the test of time and has become the choice of crores of people's.  Navratna cool oil is a unique blend of 9 essential herbal oils. Including mint, camphor and eucalyptus known for their cooling and therapeutic properties which is widely recognized for it's exceptional quality.  The unparalleled success and widespread popularity of navratna cool oil make it a trusted companion for providing relief from everyday stress, promoting relaxation and enhancing overall well being.  The oil's aromatic fragrance uplifts the mood to provide quick relief f