Million dollar Art with story

'' Richness is just a game

You must know

How to play,,

_ by Amit Kumar Raaj

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Life Art

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Story Behind 

A family in Australia was so poor, they had two times food getting in very difficulty. One day farmer's wife suffering from fever. The farmers brought his wife city hospital for treatment. And the doctor said the farmer, she has to do some tests after the report i will prescribe the medicine. 

Farmer and his wife went for tests in pathology lab, there she has tests and she has tested of different diseases. Malaria typhoid, dengue and the finally lab scientist got the result, she has dengue fever. 

After taken the lab report farmer and his wife went doctor office to show report and the doctor prescribe them medicine. 

Farmer and his wife went to buy medicine, there they purchased medicine and went home. 

During the sleeping time farmer and his wife were talking about the whole day, how in city hospital different different department for test, medicine and prescription. In the whole process farmer understood the meaning of richness. 

He said to his wife, do you know that why we're not rich because we don't have department. We must have to create different different department of crops, fruits and vegetables. 

Farmer Next day went in his farm, he has some savings, he purchased 5000 Mango plant 5000 papaya and 5000 orange, he planted in his whole farm. 

He waits for season and after the summer winter season beautifully comes, the papaya and the orange well groomed, farmer started selling in city market and the local market. 

He earned 50000$ in a winter season and next in 3 years mangoes groomed well and the mango production was 100,000 ton in a summer season he earned 670,0000 $. 

He starts export in another country, he continued his journey and in next five years. He has million dollar to live a rich life with his wife. 


You are poor because you just don't have idea, you just need a amazing story to unlock your capability. 

_ by Amit Kumar Raaj 


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