Sad quotes about Life

 There is no chance of miracle, 


I have to do more hardwork


A only solution

_By Amit Kumar Raaj

Sad art about life
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Story Behind 

A yesterday before the success of Amazon in the world, A man just like Amazon started his company of online publishing and book store in india. 

Digital india will came in power in 2030, might be, but American was living digital power in 2000. 

The man who started his company in India was just like Amazon, online publishing, journal, article and books. 

But his company never came in power, because of late indian digital power. 

He tried to reach and make his company global but in business, own country is backbone of any business. Anything is dependent on the biosphere. 

He tried to reach out every Indians, to endure power of knowledge, a knowledge of online world, but his country never supported him. 

  • Main reason was the Indian's don't have proper knowledge in digital products. 
  • They don't know how to use it. 
  • Many people have no smart phones. 
  • Highest cost of data. 
He did campaign, marketing, advertising but nothing helps that man to become a billionaire. 

A morning when he wakes up and saw the news article Amazon became the no 1 company. 

And a morning he become hopeless. He has only way to survive in the world of business. 

Continue run or go slow according to Biosphere. There is no miracle. 

Might be in the future he will billionaire but he has to do hardwork. 

Mostly diamond is found in Africa but you can't sell it on Africa, with its price or without its price.


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Sad quotes about Life