Why municipal corporation of India workers do not use masks and hand gloves

It's 1:24PM Monday December 23
I'm sitting on my yard, wether is cold, the sun is hiding behind the clouds.
In morning I was listening kailash kher song o sikander o sikander.
Today I'm trying to write article without heading. it's a very difficult to write article without heading, why I'm trying this?
Actually yesterday was my worst day, whole night not slept.

Hello good afternoon everyone my lovely friends welcome back to my blog.
Today I have a some opinions about the Bharat Nagar Nigam workers.

How many peoples have noticed that workers of Bharat Nagar Nigam (municipal corporation of India) do not use masks and hand gloves?

Suddenly not but I have noticed it, they do not use masks and gloves. Government provide everything but the people who are working under municipal corporation, those people are not well read.
The women who sweeps roads they use only a jacket. Which are provided by the municipal corporation .

Why municipal corporation is providing bad service for their workers?

Who will care about their health. Different kinds of toxic substance lifting their own hands .
In case if they cause disease. Then who will treat them. I think municipal corporation is very negligence. They should give knowledge and provide like mask, jacket and hand gloves.
Humanity is everywhere but negligence killing all the things.
Do for a humanity and your soul Will be holy.
•Author -Amit Rockz


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