Why I'm losing my audience

Why I'm losing my audience?

Why I'm losing my audience
Why I'm losing my audience

Hello welcome back my lovely friends.
Today's topic is so important for blogger's because I'm personally experienced about it and after sharing this article with my lovely friend's.
In 2019-20 many peoples blogging in different- different categories or topic but you should first before start blogging choose a perfect topic in which topic do you want to do blog.
As a professional blogger I'm spend 1year 6 months in blogging carrer as a result I wasn't a fast learner so sometimes I lost my some audience reason is very simple I was did mistake to understand my audience demand.
In a digital world if you did mistake to understand audience demand then you can lose your audience at any time.
Here are the some point which can increase your site views.

  • Before start a blog choose a comfortable category and ask with myself are you ready for that.
  • Money is in every category but you should know how to use keywords.
  • Keywords is very important things in blogging, if you don't know how to use keywords then you can't increase your views and subscribers.
  • Language is also very important thing in blogging most of the people blog in regional language but if you are blogging in YouTube then regional language is perfect but if you're blogging in Google blogger then English language is compulsory.
  • Promotion is too necessary, you can promote your articles in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other social media.
  • Understand the keywords and audience day by day.
These are the some points which is necessary for blogging.
•Auther- Amit Rockz


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