Christmas Plan- 2019

Christmas Plan- 2019

merry christmas
merry christmas

It's 12:13 Tuesday 24 Dec
I'm sitting on my yard and wether is better than yesterday the winds are blowing slowly,sun is shining.

Hello good morning everyone welcome back to my blog.

Wish you and your family a very very happy Christmas.

Christmas is one step, and whole world is ready for to celebrate it. But we celebrate every year and what's your new plan for Christmas is it same like previous years or different .

Some of my friends went to New York to celebrate it, and some are want to celebrate it with family.
I don't have a new plan but anyone can suggest me.  I think this year will be same like previous year and 2020 will be my different.

How to celebrate Christmas?

Everyone thinks how to celebrate it differently, but due to not enough money they cannot convince well. So forget it who you are? Where you are?
There is no money necessary to celebrate like a king. If your heart is holy then you know how to celebrate it.
Mother tresa is one of the unique and best example of this world. If you didn't read mother tresa biography then you should read it.

Who is santa ?

Who's santa everyone is santa who helps other and helps in happiness and sorrow.
When we were children, we used to think who is the one who gives us chocolates.
Thank you
#Author-Amit Rockz


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