Why I decided to live a real life

Why I decided to live a real life

Amit Rockz
Its a coincidence both of us our name is Amit. I'm  in right side 

It's 11:12 Am in the morning
And I'm sitting on my yard. Sun is shining and slowly- slowly the winds are blowing. I'm feeling so good.
Hello Good morning everyone and welcome back to my blog my lovely friends.
Actually I'm one step near to complete 200 articles in my blog.
In the past days I'm not confirm to start a lifestyle blog in my website but yesterday I'm decide to add a lifestyle category in my site.

Why I decided to add a lifestyle category in my blog?

I'm a professional blogger and my audience are everywhere in the world but here I'm mentioned some countries name where my audience are available.

  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • India
  • France
  • Russia
  • Greece
  • United kingdom
  • United States
  • Israel
These are the countries where my regular audience available. And in other countries also my audience but I can't explain in word's.
In past days I wrote only Motivational quotes and fiction book. And I felt I'm something missing of my life. That was my life's chapter.
Tomorrow what will I have?
My soul answered me nothing only your memory of good and bad conditions. Where I'm doesn't matter in which conditions I'm surviving doesn't matter. The thing which makes me a great soul my good work.

How I'm taking easy blogging?

One year ago my English language isn't perfect. So I wrote many quotes and books in own regional language Hindi. Due to regional language in my blog, I lost many audience and my traffic was so poor. 
But I'm practiced too much English and learn English. Now my traffic is better than yesterday.
My dogs are sleeping in front of gate. And they are also enjoying the Winter days.

My circumstances is very bad in winter. I'm sneezing too much. Thinking of going to the summer area.
Ok good bye my lovely friends see you tomorrow.


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