Solar eclipse 2019

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse

It's 11:59 Am Thursday 26 Dec 2019
Solar eclipse
Today was the last solar eclipse of the year.
Whole world is seeing this. It's a beautiful natural view.
When the sun, moon and Earth travels on the same path then solar eclipse occur.
We should never see this with naked eye. it's uv Ray's can damage our eyes. So we should always see this with a special sun glass.

When does solar eclipse occur?

Solar eclipse does occur in the end of the year. In 2019 it occurs in 26 December.
And if you want to know more details then click the link video solar eclipse

When does lunar eclipse occur?

Lunar eclipse is also called blood moon. When the sun, earth and moon travels on the same path. Then sun eclipse occur. Lunar eclipse occur in mid of the year. We should also never see this with a naked eyes. It's rays can damage our eyes. So we should always use to glass or telescope.

Some myth of solar eclipse.

  • Do not cook in solar eclipse.
  •  You should take a bath in solar eclipse
  • Do not sex in the solar eclipse.
Like that some myth but you should know the reason why we can't do it. These myth are approved by third parties not approved by the scientist.

  • Author-Amit Rockz


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