Vegetable Market Indore

Vegetable Market Indore

I went after the exam is over. In search of a new article, I try to explore the world as much as possible. And I have come today to Indore.
I am in  Indore right now. I saw a big hand of the people's of Indore in the Swach Bharat campaign. After seeing that, I could not wait to share it with you. 

Sabji Mandi Indore
Vegetable Market Indore
There are very few countries in Asia content where people think about cleanliness but in a few years, India takea big step to clean up  and revolution take place in India, people adopted  one way to save nature.
India is going to leave many countries behind in 2020, such a figure of social media.
In the same way that we have given what nature has given us to the next generation, it is our duty as human beings.

We throw the garbage outside the home, throw chocolates rapers, soap covers as so on. If we put those small dust in Dustbin, then a new color seen in nature.
Plastic is such a thing which  we use in everyday, but after using it , do not throw in the trash  and throw it anywhere.
When plastic burns it releases toxic substance like carbon monoxide these kinds of toxic gases is harmful for us and also it infected new born babies.

How to make a clean city like Indore.

Vegetable Market Indore
Vegetable Market Indore

Indore was once like other cities,  but over time, he used a small part of his earning for sanitation by buying a small dustbin. People use dustbin every where such as in the home in the market, so that the dirt is not seen far away.

What will be my next plan after leaving Indore?

As always, I will move forward towards my work. And after coming here, I will share with the world what I learned from the vegetable Market about the autonomy.
In a few days my college will open, then I will be busy in college and then I will do live streaming of  the same 11pm to 1:00 Am game. You can join us to enjoy the Streaming world. My Channel name is Amit Rockz.

 Which article is coming in March?

Basically my maximum story is based on science fiction and fiction based story But in March  I'm coming with a true based inspirational story.
The story is an American young lady who adopts children from orphanage. And I can say that this Story will be amazing like mother tresa.

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