Success Book- Why I'm Born

Why I'm Born?

Chapter- 1

Why I'm born
Why I'm Born

There is no logic in this question. Millions of people Born and die every day. We're aging all the time. Who cares about it?
All the people's cares about it. Our parents, we And the world.
You always listened about dreams, goal's and what do you want to do in life? These kind of question mark are everywhere in life.
Remember the childhood what was your dream? Remember the teenager's what was your dream? And now you're just only 30-40 year's old and  what are you doing?

Mind,Passion And Situation.
Most of the people have their own decision to take path but the worst time and mind decide what will you do.
Our mind find comfortable zone and it is provided by our Passion work. Working in opposition of mind isn't possible for us, but that's the one of the success of key.
Situation can snatch away.
If you have a dream, goal's but if you're ready for play with Situation it can't snatch away you anything.

Why we're changing career?
Did you know in 10 people's 7's are changing career.
Your career your responsibility but this is the proverb only in real life it's not possible people's are just telling.
What you think about it?
Who's the person whose have also your responsibility of career?
Father, mother or teacher. These are the ladder of success. We already know about it. But why some are changing career's.

In our life situation play a random role. Everyday in our life a new situation present, but it's in you how you can solve the hard and easy situation.
 If you want to do something then choose a unique path. Success takes time.

•Author- Amit Rockz


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