Water Conservation Program Hosted by Department of Botany Students in Gossner College Ranchi India

Water Conservation

Water- water everywhere no water to drink
 water conservation program hosted by botany students
Water Conservation Program Hosted by Department of Botany Students in Gossner College Ranchi India

Amazon Forest Fire
Amazon forest play a important role in earth but the past days amazon burns and many cities affected with the carbon.
21-09-2019 Gossner College Ranchi, India department of botany students showed a program for save water save life or water conservation.
water conservation is the idea through which we can save our future and we can save earth. in my last article which are about pollution and how to produce less pollution. already I'm  discussed about it but the yesterday in my college water conservation program again happened it gives me an another idea to save water.
According to data Bihar, Chennai(India) was the state where ground level water end from the ground level.

water problem

The origin of earth water was everywhere
And the end of earth water will be everywhere.
Many countries facing water related problem according to international case studies
India, Bangladesh and Kenya are in the first.
water issue is created by human's nature actually water education is most important, many people's don't have water education. The water education is necessary for everyone peoples know we can face water problem but they don't know how to save it. So I request you all the countries member visit every Sunday on your local  rural area and share ideas about water how to save it.
if you are hosting any function about water conservation then share your picture with us.
email us on contact us page.


Rajasthan is the inspirational state of India, In initial days or past days Rajasthan faced too much water problems but the present day Rajasthan created many types of things through which they're conserving water.

Department of Botany

Dear department of botany students I don't have a words to say about the program which are hosted by you all. The water conservation skit and other presentation was so good. 
  • Author- Amit Rockz 


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