How Blogging is Best For Part Time Earn Money

How Blogging is Best For Part Time Earn Money?

When we see in past ,that time these kind of technology wasn't available that times.there is no necessary to go more in past we only move back 100years ago only.
if we today talking about advantage of technology then we should also know it's disadvantage.but let's forget about it.and now the topic is how blogging is best for part time earn money?
First I want to clear my audience blogging isn't the only way to earn money .In 2019 we think that blogging is the platform for only earn money but you know it's a wrong.Blogging is the platform for authors.
How blogging is best for part time earn money
How blogging is best for part time earn money

You Have Heard That Many Blogger Have Left

So basically I want to clear you it's a work for authors  ,but if you want to earn money from blogger then you should work on trending keywords.As a my experience I have seen that many people came in this field for earning purpose but around six or seventh month later they feel boring and they quit .many are facing ads,search engine optimization,traffic source related problems.they wanna earn money fast but they don't know there is no shortcut of life.

How Do The Authors Earn Money From Blogger
In Ancient times many authors are also present but we know about only some authors .have you ever think that why ? Answer is different- different but reason is one .first lack of knowledge ,lack of experience and so many reasons we think about it.but the actual reason is that they don't have platform to show their talents.and in modern days blogger provides platforms and many authors showing their talents in words.A good business for stand takes 2-3 years and a best authors also come in 2-3 years .so most of the authors spend their life 2-3 years and after they start earn money .if you don't believed in our article then you can search success story of blogger.they will same answer give which are mentioned in our article.

How Blogging Change My Life
When I wasn't started blogging that times I use only face book ,Whats App ,Instagram, etc media and their our purpose is only how to find a true lover only we find ideas for make a girlfriend.But today we talk with many girls but there is no time for girlfriend or true love.Blogging gives me a identity,who am I ? in this world. And sometimes we get frustrated and all frustration I am write down in words .after it's make me a cool person.

Suggestions for Blogging
As a experienced blogger I wanna suggest you if you want to do blogging then first decide the niche .and in which niche you are the best.then start a blog.because it's not a tour it's a life journey and life journey must be passionate .then you will be a successful .
now I am ending this article I hope it will be helpful for you.
thanks for reading .
written by Amit Rockz


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