Five Rules Of Success

Five Rules of Success

Everyone wants to become a successful but very few people's know the success of key.

I was also a failure but my passion and my hard work gives me chance to rise above the head and think outside the mind .
five rules of success
Five rules of success

These world are full of competitor's if you wanna succeed then you should always follow your dream and passion. These two are interconnected with each other .such like our eye's and brain.
If you finding your passion outside the world then you're stupid .go home and see the mirror .your passion in your inside that is your dream .
So these fundamentals are to make successful.
so let's start the five rules of success 

(1) Dream 
think about your childhood then what was your dream and today what is your dream ? is this same or different ?if your dream is changed then you are in a wrong this path you will get only frustration, disappointment, stress, and unhealthy mind .As a international motivator I have seen many failure's but they're still happy and full of energy do you know how ? I also asked this question from that people's .they just say that we are pursuing our competitor's world if you go for a short path then you will also spend 4 to 5 years to achieve your success , but if you  will spend 4 to 5 years in your dream then you will get a bigger success with full of happiness. such like Thomas Alva Edison.

(2) Passion
Everyone is born with a unique personality. sometimes we did the big mistake to understand the passion and hobby .such as passion is just like our daily food  and hobby is just like our fast food such as pizza, burger etc. we know that pizza ,burger's are so tasty food but we daily can't eat and we know that our daily food isn't so good but we are eating .so first understand sometimes passion can bore just like daily food but hobby can bore anytime, because hobby has a time period and passion hasn't time first take time and understand which work you like most and which work gives you happiness. have you ever read the biography of Nicola Tesla ?if you not read then today read . you will know the what is passion.

(3) Time 
Time is the very important role in our life .you already listened proverb when the bird gets thrived, what happens to the farm when you cry? so you should first learn the time management , a businessman do different kind of work in a day. it's a for him because he knows the time management . so before you start anything you should do the time management .then your every work will be possible easily. Actually in student life or Bachelor's life but here I am talking about Bachelor's student life. if you are a Bachelor's then you should just make a time management ,this is the main turning of life .

(4) Patience
patience play very important role in our day to day life. but we do not understand, for example if you start today you tube  channel and 2 to 3 days later you think why my views not increases, why my subscribers not increases? this type of question mark and you get frustrated. if you start anything then it takes maximum one year to understand and learn. you listened the proverb first learn then earn .so don't take too much pressure for earn money . enjoy the failure moment and learn from mistakes what you did ? then problems will easily solve. 

(5) Continuity 
have you ever read the biography of any scientists ? if you not read then you must read . so we are belong from modern century and I want to give you examples of modern century successful person example. Bollywood actor Akshaya Kumar do you know the reason why he is still succeeding. Anyone can gives this answer ,because he is still continue in own choose a carrier and be continue . sometimes you will down and sometimes you will up .when you down then learn and when you up then earn. 

Bonus Rules - If you wanna success then fire must be in your heart.
Thank you for reading article .

Author- Amit Rockz


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