The last girlfriend fiction short story

The last girlfriend
The last gf fiction short story ,Fiction short story 2019
The last girlfriend

I was 18th when I lost my girlfriend .She was suffering from blood cancer.She suddenly told me when she was in last stage.I think she was kidding with me .and I wasn't serious about it.But last night Susana her sisters called me and request to come in hospital. When I went in hospital then I saw she's in the bed , I was shocked to see her .She said my dear sweetheart it's my last day and I have a wish after my died you will not cry for me and you will get  married with another girl.It was her last sentence..After that she  was no more ,I have many gifts of her.which remembers  me her .Today I'm missing her ,6thmonths later
I'm trying to forget her, I'm gifted all here's gifts a poor man, and I was in many depression so mom and dad sold that house and we move from Capetown ,but still she is in my heart, and I don't want to forget her.I remember all the things that we do after school and every Sunday...


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