A Tell of Failure story

A Tell of Failure 

It's a real story of Tukarn yadav who belongs from bokaro district Asia strongest dam tenughat there,s smallest village. .

After the 10th board
Many students come in Ranchi city every year with many dreams .Tukarn was one of them.
He came ranchi city at least 7years ago.
Tukaran Passes 10th board by Miracle, he don't want to study, he was like a backbencher boy, and his routine was whole day to playing, following girls. He was passing due to his friends. He never believe in study hard and get a good job. He was a good story teller. His evening passes with story telling his neighbours and friends. 

He failed many times but passed by grace marks. One day he fall in love with a girl name Saloni, when the saloni did not give him a single peace of value then he tried in puja, puja also didn't give him a chance then he starts flattering with Shruti Verma but his fate was so dirty , she didn't came in relationship with him but his mother Anu verma came in relationship with him. 

And this was the first time when someone fall in love with him, They spend time together 3 year's later. Tukarn failed in 12th board exam, because his mind on in Anu verma. 

1 year later he gave the exam from the open schooling and he passed, after all these cases his parents realised that he is not going to study more. 

And they married him in his neighbours village girl, which is around 6-7 kilometres distance from his home. 

Before the marriage he admission in Bachelor of Arts in graduation, but two year's of marriage after he left everything and starts living a village life. 

After 1 years later he becames a father but her didn't survived actually she dead in 1 month. 

After 1 year later he became one more time father but his child didn't survived once again. There were many reasons to not survive his child but only God knows the actual reason. 

There are many story around us like Tukarn, who came city with dreams but never went with their own dreams. 

A Tell of Board story
File Image.: Tukarn who lost his dreams .


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