A tell of Board story

A Tell of Board Story

Today we are talking about mr ujjwal kumar.belongs from koderma district near small village, Domchach.
He comes ranchi for achieving his goal but he failed in many fields many areas. 
When he realised he has failed to achieve dreams, he cry many times but no one is there for listening his pain.
After all when his pain is full of sorrow. Then he wants to do once again and he starts preparing for his upcoming exam 12th board When he gives 12th class exam he failed 4-5 times in 12th board .and you can imagine if any one failed in same clss 4-5times then what will be his condition. Then he understood his hard works is not working then he try to smart works and he succeed .after all passed in 12th board exam and next he went to admission in graduation in BIT Meshra Ranchi Jharkhand and he becames a lab technician and works in the hospital after that one year later he went to admission in forensic Science for masters. And his journey continue.. 


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