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Good morning inspirational quotes

ये जिंदगी की रेस है, यहां जितने से ज्यादा हारने की जरूरत है। In the race of life,  You must have to loose  more then win.  Good morning inspirational quotes Author- Amit Rockz Donate for my education  PayTm No- 9608866458

10 Most powerful quotes of subash chandra bose

Happy birthday Netaji Subash chandra bose Celebrating Legend Birthday  Date of Birth: 23January 1897 Subash Chandra Bose तुम मुझे खून दो मैंतुम्हें आजादी दूंगा। Netaji Subash chandra Bose Freedom is not Given It is Taken Netaji Subash chandra Bose याद रखें अन्यया सहना और गलत के साथ समझौता करना सबसे बड़ा अपराध है। Netaji Subash chandra Bose  No Real change in History Has ever been Achieved By Discussion. Netaji Subash chandra Bose The Secret of Political Bargaining Is to look more strong Than what you really are Netaji Subash chandra Bose Life loses half it's intrest If there is no struggle, If there are no risk To be taken. Netaji Subash chandra Bose One individual may die for an  Idea, but that idea will,  After his death Incarnate itself,  In a thousand Lives. Netaji Subash chandra Bose Soldiers who remain always  Faithful to their nation,  Who are always prepared to sacrifice Ther

Wednesday Success Quote - sasaplanet

सफलता कभी आपके परेशानीयों को नहीं पहचानता अगर आपको सफलता चाहिए तो दुःख और परेशानी में भी काम करते रहना होगा,, Success Quote Author- Amit Rockz PayTm Donation For Poor Child PayTm No- 9608866458

20 Best sad quote with pictures

दुसरों की तकलीफों को देखो और समझो  ख़ुद की तकलीफें कम हो जाएगी।  Author- Amit Rockz sad quote Buy from the website ads and get 50% discount on first 5 shopping  Hurry up now limited time offer.

Australia bushfire crisis 24 killled, over 6 million hectares land burned

Australia Bushfire  Australia bushfire crisis 24 killed, over 6 million hectares land burned.  Australia bushfire This is the second time when a fire broke out in the forest of Australia and this branch changed in the black day. we cannot imagine how many animals, birds, insects, reptiles were killed by this fire. More than 2000 homes damaged, over 22 lost their life.  Around 18 fires are still burning in Victoria. Smoke from Australia bushfire seen from space. The Australian army and volunteer rescued animals which are injured in bushfire. Up to 25000 animals has been rescued . The effect of fire was seen in other countries also. Kim Kardashian, Kyle Jenner, and selena Gomez, celebrities are donated in Australia bushfire. Other countries donated also. Donation camp Australia bushfire Note- Many people have organized donation camp on social media. If you also want to donate, then you can donate from the website in which you believe. Here are some nam