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Story of corruption and mutation by Amit Rockz

It was an amazing experience to study zoology, it was generic elective ( additional paper) in Bachelor of science Biotechnology in 1st semester but due to corruption in Ranchi University and lack of knowledge of employees they forgot to add in our syllabus, it's a story of session 2017-2020 and 2018-2021 batch. 
All the students have passed out of above mentioned session but Ranchi University forgot to add 5th paper in their syllabus, again in 2023 re- exam was conducted. 

I have completed my Masters of science in Biotechnology but we did re- exam and the 5th paper was zoology. 
It was such an amazing experience to study about kindom protista and kindom animalia , it really a great subject. Everyone should learn this subject when you go deep inside the zoology you will learn that the origin and evolution of humans also the mutation how mutation occurs and we changes in humans. 

Mutation occurs every time every day did you know you have seen 6 fingers man women and twins and also joined mans , tall man dwarf man, unisexual baby penis and vagina in one baby called hermaphrodite, these are the mutation, we can't neglect we're origin from the bacteria or something else. 
Unisexual baby

It not about mythology it's a real story when the god's doesn't exist anywhere. When the evolution occurs then the god's exist. 

Theory of evolution was always truth but misunderstanding occurs to understand, they spread wrong knowledge. 

That's why the people's are still fighting in subject of science vs gods. 

It's not a topic of debate it's about understand the term of evolution. 

Author- Amit Rockz


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